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when someone is having an anxiety attack


things you shouldn’t do

  • tell them they’re being stupid/ridiculous
  • tell them to “just stop”
  • roll your eyes
  • yell at them
  • show any kind of “tough love”
  • invalidate them in any way

things you should do

  • tell them they are safe, that everything will be okay
  • ask if they need some water
  • ask if they need anything at all
  • if possible get someone who knows more about their attacks
  • take deep breaths and ask them to do so with you
  • be kind and gentle
"Always go after her. No matter how mad she seems. She loves you more than words can tell."
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I am so overwhelmed right now. I could cry.

Q: TRU Commercial: "Reena: Limitations" and TRU Commercial: "Reena: Cards" both on you tube see what you think ? :)

okay yeah I get it, smoking’s bad i know. I’m going through such a stressful time and that’s why I started and I will be quitting soon. But even if I wasn’t it’s none of your business what I do to my own body and I’d appreciate it if you just left me alone. 

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